IndiaBioscience aims to facilitate networking of undergraduate teachers in Life Sciences to share their ideas, experience and expertise in pedagogy and research. We invite you to participate in relevant discussions.

We also invite you to write for us on any aspect of undergraduate biology education in India. Some topics can be found here. Just send your idea, in 100-200 words, to, with “Pitch- Education” as the Subject.

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  • Teaching Graduate Biology Vol II

    Teaching Graduate Biology Volume II

    This is our second compendium of resources for college biology educators. It features select online articles, webinars and podcasts published on the website of IndiaBioscience between 2019 and 2022. It covers a range of themes, including ideologies of leading Indian educators; innovative pedagogical techniques; student misconceptions; undergraduate research; virtual learning; education policies; and mental health.

    Download the book here.

    The first compendium is available here

  • iBiology


    iBiology offers free biology videos from the world's leading scientists, with talks by over 25 Nobel laureates. It also offers free online courses that help researchers do good science and enhance career and professional development

  • Drowsy Drosophila

    Drowsy Drosophila : Rapid Evolution in the Face of Climate Change

    University of Florida (Center for Precollegiate Education and Training) present a set of interesting experiments with sleepy Drosophila!

    Great tool for teachers to discuss climate change and its impact on genetic variation.

    In case, teachers can't obtain Drosophila lines to put to sleep - the resource has a dataset to allow analyses and learning.

    Find the entire module here: Drowsy Drosophila

    Module obtained with permission from Julie Bokor.

  • Geniverse

    Geniverse: Learn and teach genetics by breeding dragons!

    New to genetics? Here is an interactive game that lets you breed dragons! The game produced by the Concord Consortium is an exciting tool for students and teachers to get started with genetics. The beautiful graphics create an engaging experience.

    Teachers - use this game in your classrooms for a fun experience! The genes used in this game have been picked from the real world genetics of model organisms!

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