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  • Education

    Developing scientific temper in students with lessons from nature.

    Gita Mathur in conversation with Vijeta Raghuram

    The goal of science education is not just to learn scientific facts but also to develop a scientific temper. But what is scientific temper? Why should students develop it? How is it relevant to college teaching? The speaker delved into these questions and explored the role of teachers in instilling scientific temper in college biology students.

  • Education

    IndiaBiostreams: Digital education through the lens of NEP 2020

    In this webinar, award-winning educator Charu Dogra Rawat explored initiatives and strategies pertaining to digital education recommended in the National Education Policy 2020. She delved into the roles of various stakeholders in realizing these recommendations and thus, contribute towards raising the standards of the Indian higher education system to global levels.