Aditya Parekh

    Associate Director, IndiaBioscience

    Aditya Parekh completed his Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur studying chemo-resistance in breast cancer, a part of which was pursued at Johns Hopkins University as a Fulbright fellow. Thereafter, he studied muscle biology as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at National Center for Biological Sciences (TIFR). Alongside his interest in helping researchers in their career journey and transitions, he is also passionate about helping farmers. His role at IndiaBioscience is to help raise funds, sustain current activities and reach out to under-served places and institutions in India.

    aditya [at] indiabioscience [dot] org


    Ankita Rathore

    Program Manager-Science Communication, IndiaBioscience

    Ankita has a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and Masters in Toxicology. After her masters, she worked as Research Officer at CIB-RC, Faridabad in Regulatory Toxicology and later moved to Mohali, Punjab to work as a Junior Research Fellow to investigate hyperthermia-based treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). She enrolled in a PhD program in S&T Communication from CSIR-NIScPR, New Delhi. At IndiaBioscience, she takes care of science communication vertical, where she aims to actively engage — online and offline — with networks of writers, scientists, educators, researchers, students and experts.

    ankita [at] indiabioscience [dot] org


    Manjula Harikrishna

    Project Coordinator (Community Building), IndiaBioscience

    Learning new things fascinates Manjula who has a Master’s degree in Microbiology and MBA in Human Resource Management. She has a diverse background, having held many roles in the fields of Biology and Management—as a teacher for reputed School, as a Junior Research Fellow in a Plant Biotechnology Department and as a Manager in the Health Care Industry. Her interest in Research, Education and Administration has brought her to IndiaBioscience, where she is closely associated with Research Community, Engaging in Science Administration and Community building.

    manjula [at] indiabioscience [dot] org


    Shantala Hari Dass

    Executive Director, IndiaBioscience

    Shantala completed her PhD in neuroscience from Dr Ajai Vyas’s lab at NTU, Singapore studying the fascinating induction of a fatal attraction in rats upon Toxoplasma infection. She moved to Dr Michael Meaney’s lab at McGill, Canada for her postdoctoral studies. Across the continents and research questions, her interest in communicating science and building and supporting a scientific community has stayed strong. In this phase of growth at IndiaBioscience, she is keen to expand their activities bringing greater national and international visibility to the Indian life science community.

    shantala [at] indiabioscience [dot] org


    Shwetha C

    Junior Executive - Accounts and Administration, IndiaBioscience

    Shwetha graduated with an M.Com and joined IndiaBioscience in 2018. She manages the finances of all the initiatives at IndiaBioscience. She plays a key role raising indents, evaluating vendor proposals and coordinates with the accounts and purchase departments at NCBS. She manages logistics including transportation, reimbursements, bill processing and settlements. She also shoulders office administrative responsibilities such as maintaining records of hardware and equipment, posting on website classifieds, maintaining social media memberships among many other miscellaneous duties as needed.

    shwetha [at] indiabioscience [dot] org


    Suchibrata Borah

    Program Manager - Digital Initiatives, IndiaBioscience

    Suchibrata has a Ph.D. from Tezpur University, Assam, in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and their applications. After a short post-doc at IIT Bombay, she started her career in science communication as a Technical Officer (Sci. Comm.) at IISER Pune.

    She has hosted video interviews and podcasts, created content for research videos, and organized multiple workshops. At IndiaBioscience, she takes care of the digital initiatives that include webinars, other events, podcasts, and the website.

    She wishes to connect the rural places of India to increase awareness and rational thinking with the help of science communication.

    suchi [at] indiabioscience [dot] org


    Vijeta Raghuram

    Program Manager-Education, IndiaBioscience, Associate Editor - "i wonder"

    Vijeta did her PhD in biophysics at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad and postdoctoral research in molecular neuroscience at the Vollum Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA. Her strong interest in science communication and education drew her to IndiaBioscience, where she aims to grow the nationwide network of biology educators at the undergraduate level and showcase their experiences and opinions, and the latest innovations in pedagogy. She is also an associate editor of a bi-annual science magazine for school teachers called “i wonder…”, published by Azim Premji University. The magazine presents basic science concepts in a new light through storytelling, classroom activities, interviews, and more. Through her contributions to the magazine, Vijeta hopes to reinvigorate science education in schools.

    vijeta [at] indiabioscience [dot] org