Program Manager, Digital Initiatives

Lakshmi graduated with a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology and did her postdoctoral work in cell biology. Through her work, she acquired a strong interest and a fascination for demystifying complex biological phenomena using the audio-visual medium. While at IndiaBioscience, Lakshmi managed its key initiatives, which included the backend architecture of its website. She developed the interactive database of Life scientists, launched IndiaBiospeaks (podcasts by IndiaBioscience), IndiaBiostreams (webinars by IndiaBioscience) and the collaborative Science Policy Forum. She played a key role in developing the information architecture and the design of the pan-institutional, multilingual COVIDGyan website, which is the face of the public outreach campaign in India to raise awareness around the COVID19 pandemic on the basis of its best scientific understanding. Besides this, Lakshmi also illustrated for its science communication related activities.