Interactive Database of Life Science Researchers in India

Interactive Database of Life Science Researchers in India

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This resource is an interactive map/table showing the geo-distribution of life science researchers in India. Please find a comprehensive user guide on how to use this resource here

About This Resource

The Young Investigators Meeting (YIM) Series

In order to bring the best of India’s life scientists together, IndiaBioscience organizes the annual Young Investigators’ Meetings (YIM). YIM allows young Indian scientists who represent the future of Indian biology to meet each other, make friendships, start collaborations, and share ideas for developing laboratories. It brings together an eclectic mix of India's best young life science researchers, post-doctoral fellows, renowned Indian and international scientists, representatives of various grant-funding agencies, and science policymakers.

This project of mapping the researchers in the life sciences in India, was inspired by and is an outcome of the 10th edition of YIM (2018) in Thiruvananthapuram. It was initiated to serve as a resource to:

  1. Help locate and connect the community of life science researchers, including (but not limited to) the past attendees of the YIM series
  2. Help map the pool of resources by providing relevant information (location, affiliation, discipline, expertise, and links to lab websites)
  3. Help foster collaborations and cross-disciplinary interactions within the community

Source of Information

The data that populates this resource was collected from a survey among the life scientists in India and published here with their informed consent.

Contribute to this Resource

If you are a life scientist in India and if you would like to be featured on this database, please fill out this form

We hope that you enjoy searching through this database and that you find this resource useful. If you have any suggestions on improving this resource, please feel free to contact us at


Design and development - Lakshmi Ganesan

Public outreach and database management: Manjula Harikrishna, Suchibrata Borah & Lakshmi Ganesan (past member)