Wake up academia, it’s a brand new mental health patient

Debdutta Paul

We are running a series of articles focused on understanding the interaction between mental illnesses and academic life, and the need for greater awareness and research into the same. Next in this series, Debdutta draws insights from his own experiences in graduate school to suggest what institutions and individuals can do to improve mental health conditions within academic spaces.

Russel's Viper

A deal to heal: a unique peptide from Russell’s viper venom

Shalini Roy Choudhury

The global wound care market is on the rise with exorbitant costs incurred each year for skin wound care. Nature-derived drugs with wound healing properties that can be manufactured at a lower cost are presently a global requirement. Now, a study by scientists at Tezpur University has identified the country’s first wound-healing peptide from snake venom with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and non-enzymatic properties.

The feed requirement for an adult buffalo with respective water requirements for irrigation was used for estimating water requirements for the total buffalo population in India

How is India’s meat industry impacting the environment?

Yashika Kapoor

India's buffalo meat industry is amongst the largest in the world, exporting over 1.2 million tonnes of meat in 2018-19 alone. However, the industry might be extracting a heavy toll on the environment, with reports indicating rapid degradation of pasture lands and release of greenhouse gases as consequences of present livestock rearing practices.

Mental health and Indian Academia

You don’t have to be ‘crazy’ to be doing a PhD!

Hina Lateef Nizami

We are progressively seeing the signs of a burgeoning mental health crisis in academia. In this new series, we will examine the status of mental health awareness and research in the Indian context, and discuss possible strategies and interventions to counter the issue. In this invited article, Hina Lateef Nizami writes about why we need to break free of the habit of normalizing poor mental health and burnout in academic circles.

Dispatches From IndiaBioscience

IndiaBiostreams: Nurturing Future Science Leaders

Prof. L.S.Shashidhara and Dr. Meenakshi Munshi joined us in the third instalment of the interactive webinar series from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. In this webinar, the leaders described and discussed various opportunities that aim to nurture young investigators, the future science leaders.

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