Cultured cortical neurons marked by the cytoskeletal protein MAP2 (red); Inset: Neuronal mitochondria marked by the mitochondrial membrane protein VDAC (green)

The inside story of a symbiotic discovery

Lekha Bandopadhyay

A sustained collaborative effort from three very different laboratories, including a father-daughter scientific duo, has resulted in the observation that the neurotransmitter serotonin regulates energy levels in neurons with the help of Sirt1, a protein known for its role in ageing and lifespan regulation.

Using fingernails as a diagnostic tool in Type 2 Diabetes

Using fingernails as a diagnostic tool in Type 2 Diabetes

Sujoy Deb

Tissue damage is one of the most severe consequences of Type 2 Diabetes and is responsible for most of the advanced complications of this lifestyle disorder. A new study by Indian researchers describes a novel diagnostic protocol to quickly and non-invasively assess tissue damage in diabetics by evaluating the quality of the patients' fingernails.

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IndiaBiostreams: Empowering Budding Scientists

Prof. R.N.K. Bamezai, Dr. Shailja Gupta, and Dr. Manoj Singh Rohilla join us in the second episode of the interactive webinar series from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. This webinar is on Empowering Budding Scientists, where the distinguished leaders elaborate on the various fellowships and training opportunities for students.

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CYC Episode 08

IndiaBiospeaks - This month's informational interview explores the career story of Savita Ayyar. Listen to learn more about her foray into research and innovation management from basic science research, and on her new entrepreneurial venture.

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