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Live checking! My experiment with formative assessment

Sonal Bakshi

Teachers often rely on tests and exams to understand how well their students are learning the subject. However, the traditional approaches of assessment end with giving marks or grades to the students. What if teachers could do more than just give marks to students? In this article, an educator tries a different approach to assessing answer sheets and shares her experiences from it.

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Webinar: Can biographies of women scientists help biology education?

This webinar will explore the lives and times of two women biologists – Barbara McClintock and EK Janaki Ammal – to reflect upon the value of placing biology in its social context in its teaching and learning. The webinar is aimed towards biology educators, researchers, students, science professionals, and science enthusiasts.

Date: 25 April 2024

Time: 3­ to 4 PM IST

Register here to join the live interaction.

JOYI: Journey of a Young Investigator

(2021−2023 edition)

This collection celebrates the stories of young investigators in attendance at the virtual YIMs (2021, 2022) and YIM 2023.

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    The Centre for Brain and Mind (CBM) ( is an exciting new scientific venture of the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) and the National Institute for Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS), supported by Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies. CBM will undertake …


  • Dhvani book cover

    Dhvani - A compilation of resources for science outreach in India

    , &

    'Dhvani' is a comprehensive resource packed with contributions from scientists, communicators, journalists, and outreach professionals of India. The e-book explores the landscape of science outreach in the country, offering insights into best practices, sustainable models, interviews with scientists doing outreach in regional languages, skill-building guides, and curated resources for outreach funding. 'Dhvani' also features the impact of the IndiaBioscience Outreach Grants (IOG) program, providing a closer look at the intricacies of initiating and sustaining outreach efforts.

    View this book online here or download it here.

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    Means to a Beginning - Funding Opportunities for PhD Students and Postdocs in India | Edition II


    “Means to a Beginning - Funding Opportunities for PhD Students and Postdocs in India” is the second edition of the grants compendium for PhD researchers and Postdoctoral fellows. This compendium includes national and international fellowships, travel and skill-building awards along with their eligibility criteria, deadlines and relevant links. We have also included anecdotes from recent awardees of select fellowships to give you insights into what it takes to write a winning application.

    You can view the booklet here or download a free copy here.