“Disrupt the Disruption” - BioAsia 2019

‘Disrupt the Disruption’ - BioAsia 2019

Divya Sriram & Sujoy Deb

BioAsia, one of the largest annual biotechnology conferences in Asia, was held at Hyderabad from 25th -27th February 2019. With this year’s theme being “Life Sciences 4.0 – Disrupt the Disruption”, BioAsia addressed roadmaps, policies and economic changes required for the progress of biotechnology, particularly with regards to applications like digital healthcare, personalized medicine and new-age therapeutics.

Ron Vale: 10 Leaders 10 Questions

10 leaders, 10 questions: Ron Vale

Shreya Ghosh

Ron Vale is a Distinguished Professor at University of California, San Francisco. He is also an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and was recently named Executive Director of the Janelia Research Campus. He has co-founded several organizations dedicated to facilitating scientific publishing, outreach, mentorship and networking, including iBiology, ASAPbio and IndiaBioscience. During YIM 2019, we chatted with Ron Vale about his experience as a leader.

MANAV- A citizen science based human Atlas project

MANAV- A citizen science based human atlas project

Aditi Jain

The MANAV Project aims to create an open and interactive atlas of human biology by compiling, curating and synthesizing data at the molecular, cellular, tissue and organismic level from scientific literature and public databases. The project was launched in New Delhi on 10 May 2019.

Dispatches From IndiaBioscience

Meandering of an enzymologist through genomes, methylomes and acetylomes

by DN Rao, IISc, Bangalore, during YIM 2019, Guwahati

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