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Teaching evidence-based conservation

Andrea Phillott

Conservation research can be key to making effective conservation policies, but only when the policymakers are trained to understand and critically analyse its findings. In this article, Andrea D. Phillott highlights numerous resources that can help educators train students – future conservationists – in the use of evidence-based conservation. Phillott is a Professor in Environmental Studies and teaches Conservation Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Studies at FLAME University, Pune.

Featured Women MH

Society, career and the female scientist: Tangled in a web

Nazia Nasir

While considering the issue of mental health in academia, it is important to remember that existing societal structures have a significant impact on the lives of researchers and these effects vary from community to community. In this next article in our series on mental health, Nazia discusses how trying to balance the expectations of a patriarchal society with their scientific aspirations affects the mental health of women in science and some possible solutions to this problem.

Featured Sequencing COVID3

A computational tool that can rapidly identify and analyse coronavirus mutations

Susheela Srinivas

With several new COVID variants emerging in recent months, the importance of analysing and drawing insights from vast amounts of viral genome sequencing data cannot be understated. To address this need, A team of researchers at the Advanced Centre for Treatment Research & Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Navi Mumbai, have come up with a computational tool called the Infectious Pathogen Detector (IPD).

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Professionalism, Role Models/Mentors, and Careers in Facility Management

This is the twelfth “informational interview” in the season on Crafting your Career in science. Here IndiaBioscience chats with Zeba Khatri, a Managing Editor at Cactus Communications.




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      Self-Care During a Pandemic

      For many of us, the pandemic has disrupted our daily routines, especially those related to self-care. Here are some active steps you can take to nurture your well-being during this difficult period.

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      Staying connected when you are stuck at home

      Even though the lockdown has been lifted in many parts of the country, physical distancing still remains one of our best strategies to fight the pandemic. However, physical distancing need not mean social distancing, and here are some ideas for how you can remain connected to your loved ones while following safe distancing protocols.

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      Do you know someone struggling with their mental health?

      It can be difficult to figure out how to provide support to our loved ones under the extraordinary conditions brought on by the pandemic. Here are some things that you might be able to do if you observe a friend or a loved one struggling with their mental health.