Chill coma recovery test is used as a tool to study the genetics of fruit flies

Teaching climate change and rapid evolution: the case of the comatose fruit flies

Anusha Krishnan

What happens when you expose fruit flies to low temperatures? Like many insects, they go into a chill coma - a sleepy state. Analysing the phenomena of coma recovery could help teach the concepts of rapid evolution, and the impact of climate change on it. How? A team of scientists and educators created a wholesome teaching module of fruit fly experiments using the phenomena of "chill coma recovery".

Participants and Instructors of the Workshop for Women in Science Journalism, 2018

Workshop for Women in Science Journalism 2018: A Report

Anusheela Chatterjee

The Workshop for Women in Science Journalism was held from 12 to 15 November 2018, at NCBS, Bangalore. Jointly organised by British Council India through the Newton-Bhabha Fund and the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, and supported by IndiaBioscience, this workshop aimed at providing training and resources to women in science who are considering a career in science journalism.

“Optical Biopsies” may help burn victims

“Optical Biopsies” may help burn victims

Shreya Ghosh

In order to treat severe burn wounds, the progress of healing needs to be monitored regularly. This is usually done by measuring collagen levels using biochemical or histopathological methods. Now, researchers from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, have come up with a way to assess burn wound healing by using a minimally-invasive laser-based method to optically measure collagen.

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Keynote lecture by K. VijayRaghavan at Young Investigators' Meeting 2018.

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A report on "Gender-sensitization in Indian science: attitudes and action items" emerging from a session on sexual harassment in the workplace at YIM2018, written by Shubha Tole and L.S. Shashidhara and supported by YIM2018 participants from 47 different institutions was published in Current Science and can be found here.