Example of a blended practical:  Sampling sites and radar graphs showing relationship of DO day 1-DO day 5 and total BOD of these sites during Mutha river study.

Talk, blend and perform: tackling the Lab courses

Asim Auti

Starting with a probable questions in relation to the prescribed practical, followed by hypothesis-building, can lead to a good experiment design where students participate and discuss their own ideas and approaches. The process can be very enriching for students to understand various scientific concepts as well as specific, subject-related techniques that they can try.

Dispatches from IndiaBioscience

Jyotsana Dhawan is chief scientist at Centre for Cell and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad. At YIM 2017, she talked about her love affair with sleeping muscle stem cells and narrated stories about the history of Indian science.

Pictures from the recently held YIM 2017, here.

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Post Doctoral Fellows

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