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How do cells edit mistakes? A neglected enzyme sheds light

Somdatta Karak

Cells perform a complex feat of picking and proofreading amino acids for protein synthesis. Several aspects of this translation process were shrouded in mystery for a long time. This article traverses Rajan Sankaranarayanan’s two decades of seminal research that decoded some of the checkpoints and helped biologists better understand the error-free protein translation mechanisms.

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  • Education

    Explore ‘bioethics’ in the Indian context

    Vijeta Raghuram

    This webinar explored the concept of bioethics, which is value-laden, by using perspectives from social and cultural anthropology, practical ethics, science practice, and policy decisions. The speaker drew examples from the public health realm in India to discuss and observe that 'bioethics' should not be limited to mere protocol compliance but should guide science practice. Further, she discussed the need to identify, analyse and resolve ethical challenges in everyday science practice that are directly impacting society at large.



    Suchibrata Borah

    Ignite Life Science Foundation, Cactus Communications, and IndiaBioscience have come together to co-host this live online event. In a relaxed and conversational format, the interlocutor for each session will uncover the background story of the work and life of an eminent scientist.

    The guest of this event is Vishva Dixit, Vice President of Early Discovery Research, Physiological Chemistry at Genentech.

  • FundaySunday

    FundaySunday feat. Mohit K Jolly

    Suchibrata Borah

    FundaySunday is an initiative to publicize some fun science communications and take interesting/funny/self-descriptive science near our audiences. It could be science illustration/poem/song/dance/picture or anything that makes subjects in life sciences interesting.

    The guest of this event is Mohit Kumar Jolly, Assistant Professor at BSSE, IISc Bangalore.

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Uma Ramakrishnan | 16 Aug 2022 | 16:00 IST

Radio PDF | Interview with Nimita Pandey

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