Art by Snehal Kadam (Sidebar graphic by Lakshmi Ganesan)

Tweet, Post, Share, Like: How is social media shaping Indian science?

Snehal Kadam & Karishma Kaushik

The advent of social media has greatly increased the ease and speed of sharing information, and the Indian scientific community has not lagged behind. In this first article in our new series on scientific networking, Karishma Kaushik and Snehal Kadam discuss the various ways in which researchers and science professionals can leverage the use of social media for influencing scientific discourse and policy.

Kollegala Sharma

Why does science communication excite me?

Kollegala Sharma

Kollegala Sharma has been a science communicator for over forty years. His most recent venture is Janasuddi, a weekly podcast about science in Kannada, which is circulated amongst thousands of people. In this invited article, he writes about how his early experiences and interests led him to science communication and what keeps him going.

Dispatches From IndiaBioscience

IndiaBiostreams: "What is IndiaBioscience?"

IndiaBioscience launches its webinar platform - IndiaBiostreams, beginning with an overview of who we are, what we do. Prof. Satyajit Mayor joined the IndiaBioscience team to interact with the lifescience community on June 20th, 2019. Do listen to the recorded version of this webinar here

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