• Looking beyond the conventional: Merging Passion with Profession

    Aditya Parekh from IndiaBioscience interacted with ~ 90 masters, PhDs and research students at the Institute of Science, Nirma University (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) and gave a talk titled Looking beyond the conventional: Merging Passion with Profession”.

    He discussed about requirements for unconventional career transitions, happiness and careers, and opportunities beyond academia. 

  • 15th Young Investigators’ Meeting

    The 15th annual Young Investigators’ Meeting (YIM 2023) was held from 13 – 17 February 2023 in an in-person format after the pandemic. This was the first ever YIM co-hosted by research institutes — Ahmedabad University and IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It was attended by ~150 participants, both from India and abroad. 

    The first part of the meeting, Young Investigator Meeting — commenced on 13 — 15 February 2023. The meeting brought together exceptional young and senior scientists, special invitees, and representatives from funding agencies for interactions focusing on their scientific journey, science careers, mentoring and networking. 

    The event featured thought-provoking and inspirational talks, followed by interactive panel discussions, breakout sessions, and poster presentations. The panel discussions covered important topics such as mentorship, funding opportunities, personnel management, and finding sustainable solutions for the Indian ecosystem. They also highlighted the importance of building a diverse funding portfolio.

    The second part of the event, known as the Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF) Satellite Meeting, took place on 16 — 17 February 2023. The meeting was attended by postdoctoral fellows, directors, vice-chancellors, and institutional representatives from various institutions and universities. The meeting spanned a day and a half and included networking sessions, short talks by directors and vice-chancellors, 5‑minute lightning talks by PDF attendees, and poster sessions. The attendees responded positively to the meeting, and it was well-received.

    IndiaBioscience hopes to continue engaging with all the attendees at various levels in the future. 

    The detailed report from the meeting can be read here —> Galvanising Ideas: YIM 2023 in Gujarat (Part 1 and Part 2).