Activity in 2021

  • Crafting Your Career (CYC) workshop for Department of Biotechnology

  • The Gender Gaps and the Biological Sciences

    On the occasion of the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, (25 November), and within the context of the Sustainable Development Goal N. 5 on​“Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”, the Working Group on Gender Equality of the International Union of Biological Sciences launched the Webinar Series:​“The Gender Gaps and the Biological Sciences”. Read more here.

  • Pre-conference workshop | National CRISPER/​Cas: From Biology to Technology’ Conference

    In partnership with SRM University AP, Mangalagiri, and IBAB, Bangalore, we conducted a pre-conference skill-building workshop before the National​‘CRISPR/​Cas: From Biology to Technology’ conference. This virtual workshop consisted of two parts: 1. Communicating Science to the Public and 2. Crafting your Career in science. Read more here.

  • Journey to Industry

    This webinar was organized for the students of Tezpur University (TU) to cover the Industry-Academia transition. The Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department at TU is trying to facilitate the industrial campus placement process for their students. Though a significant number of students from the department have found placement in various industries, it is yet not sufficient. This webinar covered how to create a cover letter for jobs, the application process, the do’s & dont’s, etc. For more information click here.

  • 2nd IndiaBioscience Outreach Grants

    The 2nd IndiaBioscience Outreach grant was announced in August 2021. This time there were two segments in the grant. The First-time Grants’ was for first-time applicants. Here we awarded a maximum of INR 1 lakh for a duration of 1 year. A total of five grants were offered. The Extension Grants’ was for past IOG awardees. Here we awarded a maximum of INR 1.5 lakhs for 1 year to two previous IOG awardees. More details here.

  • IndiaBiostreams: DAAD Opportunities for PhD Students in India

    In this webinar, we explored the DAAD Opportunities for PhD Students in India. Hear from Anuroopa Dixit (Programme Officer, DAAD), Vasudharani Devanathan (Assistant Professor, IISER Tirupati and previous DAAD Review Committee member), and Monika Saini (PhD Student, Shiv Nadar University and DAAD Bi-national Sandwich Programme Fellowship awardee). 

    No.of attendees: 223 attendees

    More details about the event can be found here–>

  • IndiaBiostreams: Webinar on the Importance of Networking

    From sharing of knowledge and resources to developing extracurricular projects together, networking and collaboration can be a boon to educators and their students, in many ways. Still we see that a large proportion of educators are not very comfortable in building connections or investing their time and energy in networking. How can more educators be encouraged to take this path? What are the roadblocks that hinder them from networking? How can these be overcome? These were the questions addressed in the interactive webinar that took place on June 24, 2021

    No.of attendees: 113 attendees from 6 different countries across 5 continents

    More details about the event can be found here–>

  • Talk To A Scientist — Outreach Talk

    Zill-e-Anam was invited as a guest speaker at Talk To A Scientist. Zill‑e talked to young minds about proteins in the lab, how we study protein conversations, and finding newer therapies by blocking protein conversations.

  • PDF Meeting 2021

    This year marked the first virtual PDF Meeting 2021, dedicated to the postdoctoral fellows from across the globe (looking to start independent research careers in India) for four days spread across 18 – 21 May 2021. There were 60 PDFs and director/​institute representatives from institutions and universities. 

    There were talks featuring the institute representatives highlighting the hiring process, panel discussions, networking session and Q&A sessions. IndiaBioscience hopes to continue engaging with all the attendees at various levels in the future. Photographs from the meeting can be found here.

    No.of attendees: 85 attendees

  • Ask Me Anything session with EMBO GIN Fellows

    In this Ask Me Anything session we are joined by two EMBO GIN Awardees; Jyothilakshmi Vadassery (NIPGR) and Sunil Laxman (inStem) and Gerlind Wallon (Deputy Director, EMBO). Sunil Laxman and Jyothilakshmi Vadassery share their experiences as EMBO GIN awardees and tips for applying and Gerlind Wallon addresses any queries for EMBO. This webinar also features a long Q&A session. 

    No.of attendees: 67 attendees

    More details about the event can be found here–>

  • 13th Young Investigators’ Meeting 2021

    13th Young Investigators’ Meeting 2021 (YIM) was held from 17 – 19 March 2021, in an online mode. This was a difficult decision, especially considering the nature of the meeting, but we believed that it was the best possible solution in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

    YIM 2021 was a 3‑day virtual meeting, which aimed to provide an opportunity for a larger cohort of participants to experience all the flavors and components that a traditional YIM meeting offers. Here, eminent researchers and administrators were invited as mentors and speakers who shared their experiences in building a career in scientific research.

    No.of attendees: 221 attendees

    The talks and panel discussion from the meeting can be found here. he detailed report from the meeting can be read here.

    Note: This year, the PDF Satellite Meeting was organised separately.

  • IndiaBiostreams: Webinar on Crafting your Career — Session 6

    In the final and sixth webinar in this series, we hosted an interactive panel discussion that delved into issues that are critical to the process of career development but are seldom spoken about. This included the need for professional career guidance cells, common skill-gaps in hiring, and the best ways to handle career transitions, setbacks, and failures.

    No.of attendees: 174 attendees

    More details about the event can be found here–>

  • IndiaBiostreams: Webinar on Crafting your Career — Session 5

    For our fifth session, we discussed the importance of professionalism and work ethics for effective career development. We also spoke about the importance of good role models and mentors in facilitating one’s career journey.

    No.of attendees: 138 attendees

    More details about the event can be found here–>