Program Manager, Science Communications

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


IndiaBioscience is a program based out of the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore that aims to catalyse the growth of biology within India, and to this end, we work with academics, government, industry and the not-for-profit sector. The major funding of the program is from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India. As part of the DBT funded program, IndiaBioscience is looking to appoint eligible personnel to the position advertised on contractual terms. The appointment will be initially for a period of one (1) year that may be extended up to three (3) years depending on the performance of the selected candidate. Selected candidates shall be offered a consolidated pay as specified under Salary’ herein below.

Major activities at IndiaBioscience include running the IndiaBioscience website through the science and education communication programs, continually updating with the latest news and opinions on life sciences scenario in India, building a database of people and organizations, organizing Young Investigators’ Meetings (YIMs) and Regional Young Investigators’ Meetings, networking meetings with Indian or International organizations, workshops on skill-building, gender parity, promoting Indian life science in various platforms all over the world, etc.

IndiaBioscience consists of a small yet diverse and efficient team that works in a very cohesive manner to create an informed impact. Creativity, independence and teamwork are highly valued attributes of all team members. As part of the IndiaBioscience team, the appointed person will have the opportunity to collaborate with talented and dedicated colleagues, as well as with the research community across India and abroad, while developing and expanding the career.

Role Summary:

Operating independently, under the broad guidance of the Executive Director, the Program Manager for Science Communication will drive the science popularization, communication and outreach efforts for IndiaBioscience.

The IndiaBioscience website is a one-stop online portal for showcasing research in the Life Sciences in India. It has also been a nodal point for collecting, creating and communicating resources for funding, mentoring, networking and careers in science and much more. The Program Manager — Science Communication must develop the existing communication activities and work to intensify their impact. IndiaBioscience operates largely through a web presence and a key part of this job profile includes promoting and increasing the growth of the overall network across India and abroad, both through the website and other means.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will be responsible to source, develop and maintain website content of a high quality, with a focus on news articles, columns and resources

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will be responsible for all the external communications with the community, as appropriate

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will use a wide range of social media communication platforms for outreach and networking

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will work independently or in partnership with external agency to create high quality publications as required or needed

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will be responsible to develop relevant surveys and recommendations

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will work with the team to organise and conduct outreach activities related to communication and science promotion: science communication and grant writing workshops for students and researchers, Wikipedia Edit-a-thons and more as required

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will create, maintain and actively engage — online and offline — with networks of writers, scientists, educators, researchers, students and experts as pertinent to specific projects or for the overall activities of IndiaBioscience

  • Program Manager, Science Communication will actively participate in all IndiaBioscience activities, and be involved in improvement initiatives

Personal characteristics: Adaptability, flexibility, effective communication skills, creativity/​innovation, ability to foster teamwork, good organizational skills and ability to multitask.

Age: 35 years


PhD degree in sciences or Master’s Degree in Engineering and Technology from a recognized University or equivalent.


Experience in science communication (both oral and written), writing and editing will be preferred, with an added ability to navigate different social media platforms. The role requires the person to be flexible with extraordinary ability to work in a team setting. Experience in project management is advantageous. Preference will be given to candidates with a PhD in sciences.

To Apply

Please submit your application via the NCBS Job Portal. Click here to apply —->

Documents needed while applying:

  1. CV and sample of the previous writings and resources created [combine and upload in one PDF file]

  2. A strong statement of interests stating how they align with ours and why you will fit this position (~400 words) [upload under experience tab in PDF file]. At this point, we require no recommendation letters. 

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