Postdoctoral Researcher

 Sonepat, Haryana


Genomics of host-pathogen interactions


A postdoctoral research position funded by DBT/​Wellcome Trust is available in my research group, in the Department of Biological Sciences at Ashoka University. 

The lab is primarily interested in tracking the complex dynamics of evolving immune responses against pathogenic infections and disease, using diverse methods ranging from experimental evolution, life-history analyses, genomics to genetical and physiological manipulations. 

The postdoctoral researcher hired for this position will collaborate with a team of graduate students to study the genetic bases of pathogen resistance and of associated life-history trade-offs (e.g., somatic vs germline maintenance) in laboratory adapted populations of tractable insect hosts (e.g., Tribolium castaneum and Drosophila melanogaster) evolving under chronic pathogen exposure.

These studies will be strongly multi-disciplinary, and include various life-history and physiological assays and a significant amount of bioinformatics. The post-doc will also be supported to develop their own research directions and mentored towards achieving their individual career goals. 

The postdoc should be able to start as early as August 2022, but exact dates can be negotiated with the PI. 


The position is available for up to ~3.5 years, subject to annual review of performance.


Salary and benefits are commensurable to prior experience and in accordance with Department of Biotechnology, Government of India guidelines.


Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology/​Molecular Biology/​Bioinformatics or a related field


  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals 
  • Experience/​interest in bioinformatics analyses related to genomics/​transcriptomics/​metagenomics is highly preferred
  • Must be able to work as an independent researcher.
  • Experience in basic molecular biology/​physiology techniques, and/​or host-parasite systems, is desired

To Apply

Selection will be conducted in two stages where applications will first go through an initial screening, followed by an online interview by a panel of scientists at Ashoka University. The decision of the interview panel regarding the suitability of the candidate will be final. We will not encourage any further correspondence in this regard.

To apply, please send your (1) CV, (2) a brief statement of research interests (<750 words), with a note justifying how you see yourself fitting within our research group and (3) contact details of at least three referees (email and contact number) to imroze.​khan@​ashoka.​edu.​in

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