Laboratory Manager

 Sonepat, Haryana


Applications are invited for the post of Laboratory Manager (Academic Support), Biology at Ashoka University, Sonipat

Nature of work: Overall responsible for the maintenance, organization, and supporting lab courses. Please refer to roles and responsibilities for the details.

  • Overall, the person hired will be responsible for the successful running of practical courses by assisting the faculty involved and providing all the support.
  • Assisting day-to-day activities of lab courses across scales (ecology to cell biology) throughout the year. Some of these include:
  1. Managing and assisting with laboratory workflow for all the assigned lab courses.
  2. Discussing lab courses with faculty, learning and acquiring any required skills by training, and working with GAs/​TAs to develop a working plan for the smooth running of lab courses.
  3. Managing the lab-related purchase of lab reagents and instruments, repairing lab instruments, and coordinating with RDO and department head regarding the budget for the same.
  4. Providing instructions and guiding the undergraduate students on experimental procedures, safety protocols, equipment functioning, techniques and proper laboratory etiquette.
  5. Assisting faculty members in conducting and grading the lab courses.
  • Assisting faculty members in running field training/​modules for students.
  • Maintaining lab instruments, keeping records of usage, keeping logbooks updated, and performing preliminary troubleshooting in case of instrument breakdown. Writing, editing, curating, and managing SOPs for lab equipment.
  • Managing inventory of reagents and instruments, coordinating with faculties for lab course requirements, and procuring necessary instruments/​reagents before the start of the lab course.
  • Attending courses and/​or workshops as assigned.
  • Any other duties that the department may reasonably assign.

The Department of Biology at Ashoka University fosters an academic culture that encourages intellectual curiosity and interdisciplinary thinking. As a department, we use multidimensional approaches to study biology at different scales. The department offers academic programmes at various levels (undergraduate, MSc, PhD) that are designed to prepare students for a solid foundation in research and careers in biological sciences, medicine, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, teaching, and other related fields.


2 years


A minimum M.Sc. in life sciences or equivalent is required.


Skills Required (desirable): Experience in running laboratory courses or research projects or research labs.

To Apply

Submit your application to Ashoka University’s Biology Department to ensure your candidacy receives the attention it deserves, kindly follow the application submission process outlined below:

Prepare an Updated CV: Showcase your professional accomplishments, skills, and experiences in an updated curriculum vitae.

Submit Your Application:…

Include Essential Details: Along with your CV, kindly provide the following information:

  • Last compensation received: We value your expertise and acknowledge the importance of fair compensation.
  • Expected salary: Share your aspirations for growth and remuneration.
  • Notice period: Inform us of the time required to transition from your current role, if applicable

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted as part of our rigorous selection process. Adherence to Deadlines: To ensure fairness and efficiency, please submit your application by April 30, 2024. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

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