Project Associate-II

 Telangana, India


Molecular Insights into Ligand-selective and Cholesterol-specific Activation of the GPCR Serotonin1A Receptor with GPU-enabled High-performance Computing


The project explores the ligand-selective conformational dynamics of serotonin1A and the role of cholesterol in its regulation using GPU-enabled high-performance computing, Markov state Modelling and free energy simulations.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandipan Chakraborty, Associate Principal Research Scientist, Center for Innovation in Molecular and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CIMPS), Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences, Hyderabad
Co-Principal Investigator: Prof. Amitabha Chattopadhyay, CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow, Membrane and GPCR Biophysics and Biology Group, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad


More than 2 years. Initial appointment is for 1 year; extendable depending on satisfactory yearly performance


Consolidated amount of Rs. 43,400 per month (including all the allowances)


Master’s Degree in Natural or Agricultural Sciences / MVSc or bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology or Medicine from a recognized University or equivalent


2 years’ experience in Research and Development in Industrial and Academic Institutions or Science and Technology Organizations and Scientific activities and services

To Apply

Applicants are requested to e‑mail their CV with a cover letter as a SINGLE PDF to the PI at sandipanc@​drils.​org or sandipanchakraborty.​13@​gmail.​com

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