Ph.D. in Life Sciences

 Telangana, India


Applications are invited for the post of Ph.D. in Life Sciences at Mahindra University.

Areas: Synthetic Biology || Microbial & Plant Cell Factory || Cell/​Gene Therapy || Biomarkers || PathogenGenomics & Surveillance || Protein Engineering & Structures || Generative AI for Biologics || Predictive Models for Diseases.


  • Faculties trained in World’s top institutions: Cornell Univ; Harvard Medical School; Johns Hopkins Univ; Univ Bonn; Univ Groningen; Wageningen Univ; Washington Univ; UIUC; Univ Wisconsin, Madison; Univ Texas at Austin; NIH; IIITH; IIT Dhanbad
  • Established research ecosystem through internal and external funding
  • Connect with Biotech, Biopharma and Medical industries, including Hyderabad Life Science cluster
  • State-of-the-art instruments & labs


Rs. 30,000/month & free on-campus boarding and lodging


Masters (or 4‑Yr Bachelor degree) in any field of Life Sciences/​Nanobiotechnology/​Nanotechnology /​Physics/​Chemistry/​Bioinformatics/​Statistics/​Computer Science, etc. Masters: CGPA of 6.00÷10 or 60% marks. For 4‑Yr Bachelor degree: CGPA of 7.00÷10 or 70% marks.

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Written exam and interview on 01-06-2024

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