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 Haryana, India


The MIRA lab works at the interface of molecular biology and evolution. They are looking for a candidate who holds a PhD (recently submitted thesis is also fine) and has a strong grounding in either experimental evolutionary biology or molecular biology and genetics. Skill in one of the following diverse areas: ribosomal biology, computational drug design or analysis of next generation sequencing (NGS) data sets is an added plus. If you have prior experience working with protein synthesis in any system, or AMR (antimicrobial resistance), you could transition rapidly into this work! The candidate must have at least one first author research paper (will consider preprints on a case-by-case basis) and be able to work independently.

Their main aim is to hire a high-quality candidate who can design experiments for themselves and carry forward our work. Therefore, depending on the person’s expertise and inclination, the postdoctoral researcher hired for this position will either (i) Combine molecular work with experimental evolution of bacteria and bacteriophage, or (ii) Initiate computational and molecular work related to drug design. The latter will also involve some basic microbiology and gene manipulations. Techniques like ribosome purification, fluorescence microscopy and high through-put chemical and phenotypic screening will be used as needed.


The position is currently available for one year, subject to a review of performance after a trial period of three months. It is expected that the postdoc will participate in writing a grant for further extension of funds. 


Salary and benefits are in accordance with Department of Biotechnology, Government of India guidelines, as per the candidate’s prior experience.

To Apply

Applications will go through an initial screening, followed by an online interview by a panel of scientists at Ashoka University. The decision of the interview panel regarding the suitability of the candidate will be final. They do not encourage any further correspondence in this regard. The postdoc should be able to start by mid November 2022, but exact dates can be negotiated with the PI.

Please send the following details to Dr Laasya Samhita at laasya.​samhita@​ashoka.​edu.​in with the subject line titled Application for a postdoctoral position’

  • CV
  • A brief statement of your research interests (~1 page), also explaining why you
    think you would be a good fit for our lab 
  • A brief synopsis of your most exciting scientific
    result so far, explaining how it moved the field forward (~1 page) and 
  • Contact details of
    three referees (email and contact number). 

Shortlisted candidates will be notified, they will also try to notify those who apply but are not selected, latest by mid November 2022.

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