PhD position in Biology

 Delhi & NCR, India


Evolutionary Immunology, Neuroethology


The Department of Biological Sciences at Ashoka University seeking application for its PhD programme (Spring 2018) in interdisciplinary Biological research (click here).

The Department has strengths in Evolutionary Biology, Animal Behaviour and Neurobiology. Major areas of interest are – (a) Life-history evolution and sexual selection (b) Ageing of immune response (c) Evolution of memory in insect immunity and the underlying mechanisms (d) The evolution of behavioural and neural systems (e) The neuroethology of sensory systems with a focus on audition and vision in insects (f) The neuroethology of systems of language/​communication and cognition, especially numerical cognition.


5 years


Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships and Stipend

  • A fixed number of Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships will be offered by Ashoka University to support the PhD students (as per the rules and regulations).

  • Individual stipend for RA and TA ships funded by Ashoka University will be Rs. 35,000 per month

  • A contingency grant of Rs. 20,000 per annum will be made available to each TA or RA.

  • The monthly stipend and annual contingency grant given to PhD students who receive other scholarships (from UGC, CSIR or a partner organization) will be decided based on terms covering the scholarship itself.


  • On-campus housing will be provided to TAs and RAs funded by Ashoka University only if it is available. In case on-campus housing is not available, Rs. 7,000 pm rent allowance will be paid towards off-campus housing.

  • On-campus housing will be provided to TAs and RAs receiving a scholarship from UGC, CSIR or a partner organization only if it is available. In case on-campus housing is not available, rent allowance will be paid as per the terms covering the scholarship itself.


  1. Students with an M.Sc/M.Tech with 55% and above are eligible.

  2. Students with CSIR Scholarship/​UGC NET- JRF are welcome to apply.

  3. Students admitted must have good understanding of their proposed area of research.

  4. Students must exhibit high level of commitment to pursue research.

To Apply

The interested candidate is expected to have a Masters degree in Biology or a related discipline. We are particularly looking for candidates who enjoy research, who are highly motivated and can create and take forward their own ideas in research. We would value candidates who enjoy collaboration and forging work with a sense of team spirit.

Online applications should include two letters of recommendation. Recommendation letters should be directly emailed to info.​phd@​ashoka.​edu.​in.

link: https://applications.ashoka.ed…

PhD admission will be based on an admission test at the Ashoka University campus in Sonepat, followed by a personal interview. Names of selected students will be published on the University website.

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