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The Teaching Learning Center (TLC) of IIT (BHU), under the PMMMNMTT scheme of the MHRD (Govt. of India), is organizing a national conference on Sharing Teaching-Learning Experience, with the aim to provide a platform for the practitioners in higher education to share their teaching-learning expertise, experience and ideas and innovations, in the form of paper presentations, panel discussions and expert lectures.

This national conference aims to bring together scholars in higher education to share their teaching-learning experience and ideas on pedagogical innovation and application. The conference invites participation from the practitioners in teaching-learning across domains and disciplines (including innovation and experiences promising integration of school and higher education). 

Examples of topics include: 

  • Academic matters: roles and responsibilities 
  • Bridging the gap: self, society, institution and beyond 
  • Digital intervention: shifting modes, modalities and challenges 
  • Educational innovation: sustainable design and deliverables 
  • Localization: integration of teaching-learning research 
  • Impact study and findings: Experience of one month induction training programmes of PMMNMTT scheme

The TLCs/​Institutions conducting Induction programs and other FDPs, are specially requested to participate with their contribution on findings of the Impact Study of their Induction/​FDPs under PMMMNMTT scheme.

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