45th All India Cell Biology Conference and International Symposium of Biology of Development and Disease

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The 45th edition of the All-India Cell Biology Conference (AICBC), 2023, will be hosted by the Department of Zoology, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi. An additional event associated with the conference includes an international symposium on the Biology of Development and Disease.

The three-day conference includes national and international experts in key thrust areas of life sciences such as Development and Differentiation, Cellular Biochemistry, Disease Biology, Cell Signalling, Cancer Biology, Chromatin Biology and Biology of Pathogens.

This conference provides an excellent platform for exchanging scientific ideas for Group Leaders, Scientists, Young Investigators, Research Scholars, and students from Colleges, Universities and Institutes. Young investigators and Research Scholars are encouraged to use this opportunity to present their scientific findings or ideas to the wider scientific community and interact with the pioneers in the field.

Indian Society of Cell Biology are welcome you all to participate in the upcoming conference!

Fellowships to support Travel and Registration costs are available to eligible students.

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