Program Manager — Education

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


IndiaBioscience and the Azim Premji Foundation partner towards publishing biology related content in a science magazine aimed at primary and secondary school teachers. The Program Manager — Education will liaison between the two organizations, to perform the following role.

(a) The roles of the Program Manager — Education with respect to the magazine will be in the capacity of Associate or Consulting Editor, or as a member of the Editorial Board. The person will be spending 50% of the time in this role:

  • Contributing to the process of identifying life science-related broad themes and specific topics for each issue.
  • Identifying and contacting potential authors and reviewers from within and outside the IndiaBioscience network (educators and researchers) and sourcing articles as per the magazine’s guidelines.
  • Connecting authors and reviewers from the IndiaBioscience network to the magazine editors.
  • Providing first round comprehensive review of articles which have been sourced through the IndiaBioscience network and working with authors to ensure appropriate level and fit for the magazine.
  • Providing assistance to the editorial team with communication with authors, and ensuring completion of the articles with images and edits.
  • Popularizing i wonder… in the IndiaBioscience network. Helping the editorial team with initiatives to popularize the magazine through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

(b) In addition to the above, the Program Manager — Education will spend 50% of the time working with the IndiaBioscience team to perform the following:

  • Maintaining and expanding the network of Biology undergradute educators/​researchers and organisations within India.
  • Managing (writing, sourcing and editing articles on undergraduate education) the education page of IndiaBioscience website.
  • Organising education related meetings.
  • Managing the education grant.
  • The person will also participate and help in other events organised by IndiaBioscience as required.


● PhD or Masters in Biological Sciences. If Masters, then the candidate must have atleast 3 – 5 years experience in science communication and/​or education.


● Experience with education initiatives, or the interest to do so.

● Past experience with science communication, either verbal or written, for any kind of audience (technical, public, education sector).

● Knowledge of data collection, curating and handling, and using databases, excel is preferred

● Strong communication skills, written and verbal.

● Networking skills.

● Ability to understand and translate scientific concepts into lay terms.

● Familiarity with social and digital media or willingness to learn.

● The ability to work in a fluid space and take initiative.

To Apply

  1. Attach a cover letter, resume and any additional materials. Make sure you include a strong statement of your interests, how they align with ours and why you will fit this position.
  2. Provide names of two referees, who we will contact for character reference, should you get through to the interview stage. At this point we require no recommendation letters.
  3. Share your responses to the following questions as word documents (Times New Roman, Font size: 12)
    1. Name one article from the Aug 2018/ Feb 2019 issue of i wonder that you thought is particularly useful for our target audience. Tell us in strictly <500 words:
      1. Why you thought so?
      2. How would you publicize it on Facebook? Please share a sample post.
      3. How would you publicize it on Twitter? Please share a sample tweet.
    2. What do you think is one of the most significant ideas in science? Please describe in strictly <1000 words:
      1. The idea — what is it?

      2. How do we know this about the natural world?

      3. Why do we believe it to be plausible?

      4. Why should this matter to the teaching and learning of school science?

      5. What strategies would you use to convey this idea to a class of school students?

  4. Provide links to a sample of popular published material (not scientific publications) in your resume, or attach these as PDF files in your application.

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