Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Assistant Professor

 Manipal, Karnataka


Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal invites applications from eligible candidates for a limited number of vacancies at the level of Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences (MCNS), Centre of Excellence, Manipal, a constituent unit of MAHE, Manipal. Current sub-fields of interest are listed below under each discipline.
The Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences is dedicated to the pursuit of fundamental research. Applications reflecting a demonstrated capability in addressing fundamental questions in Physics, Chemistry, Pure & Applied Mathematics and the Earth Sciences will receive full consideration.Weightage will be given to candidates who demonstrate the ability to conduct blue sky research with the potential for generating break-through ideas and future scientific leadership. 

Recent retirees and foreign nationals are invited to apply and may be considered for suitable posts

To Apply

1.Applications may be sent by email to jobs@​manipal.​edu and must include:

2.In the subject line: MCNS” followed by the discipline (e.g. Chemistry, Physics etc as applicable) and area of specialisation


4.A detailed CV highlighting leadership roles in projects undertaken, patents, IP etc. 

5. List of publications

6. Names, Designations, email addresses of three internationally distinguished researchers familiar with the candidates’ work who will be prepared to provide a letter of recommendation

7. A brief and conceptually clear description (not exceeding one page) of research plans, interests and goals in the context of fundamental research.

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