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JoVE is a growing company that creates ultimate video-based solutions for advancing research and science education around the globe. With more than 140 employees, JoVE is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and maintains its regional offices in London and Melbourne. Its institutional clients include more than 1,000 universities, colleges and biopharma companies, including such leaders as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton. Please visit www​.jove​.com to learn more.

They are looking for a creative science writer to join their team to produce scripts for biology-focused educational animated videos. This position is for science enthusiasts who would love to create cool and engaging scientific videos that students can learn from.


  • Follow our guidelines for script generation to produce informative, interesting, and scientifically accurate voiceover
  • Create storyboards that guide the work of professional animator
  • Generate technical documents using our guidelines to provide instructions to media professionals such as voice talent, video editors, and animators
  • Review content and provide feedback based on your knowledge and expertise of biological sciences Requirements


PhD in Biological Sciences or relevant discipline

To Apply

Write a cover letter (less than 300 words) that will clearly convey your interest in this role and will let us know why you would be a great addition to their team.

Apply here.

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