Summer internship in Modern Biology and Bioinformatics

 Sonepat, Haryana


Ashoka university has announced a one week biology internship for undergraduates and first year Masters students. It will be held from 3rd to 8th July, 2023. Registered students will pay a fee of 1500 and be housed on campus for the period. They will attend talks in the morning, most of which will introduce working principles and concepts. Afternoons will be spent on hands-on work and laboratory demonstrations, including 2 days of intensive bio-informatics sessions. Interested candidates, sign up!

This is a 6 day hands-on training program in biological sciences with a focus on cell, molecular and computational biology. Lectures will be conducted in the morning introducing the working principles and concepts of experiments. Afternoons will be devoted to experiments and demonstrations.


Applicants must have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate training in any branch of science, medicine, agriculture and biotechnology. Students with MSc degrees are not eligible.

To Apply

There are no application fees. The students will need to fill in an online application form on the Ashoka Biology department website.

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