Chief Scientific Officer

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


TIGS is a program driven research institute with a focus on solving pressing societal challenges. TIGS are seeking applications for a Chief Scientific Officer with the following primary responsibilities for Scientific/​Strategic programs:

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and handle institutional international collaborations in line with the TIGS Vision 
  • Provide strategic program coordination, especially for new Genomics and Data-based initiatives 
  • Conceptualize and help launch new programs 
  • Identify new opportunities, aid in development of strategic scientific partnerships 
  • Drive broad scope projects that have medium to long-term focus involving multi-institutional efforts, including externally funded program with multiple partner institutions 
  • Coordinate with teams during all phases of the project life cycle including requirements gathering, design, proposal, pilot, implementation, and data analysis for scientific outcomes 
  • Liaise with diverse teams involved in technical implementation and data analysis. It will be highly desirable to play key role of advisor to Bioinformatics team for Genomics projects, technical inputs for data analysis and interpretation, overall project outcomes and manuscripts 
  • Scientific Data Visualisation to aid in science outreach and creating an international online presence for the projects 
  • Setting up data-based systems for the institute’s rare disease programs, such as data SOPs and pipelines and databases in the Indian context


Ph.D. with 12+ years of academia/​industry with relevant experience


  • Proven track record of research and publications and top-class scientific writing capabilities 
  • Strong command over English language and excellent ability to communicate objectives, plans, status, and results 
  • Must be able to effectively interact and communicate with teams and stakeholders from across and beyond the organization 
  • Strong leadership, conflict management, planning and interpersonal communication and coordination skills with cross-functional teams 
  • Broad scientific knowledge coupled with time management, critical thinking skills and careful attention to detail. Ability to balance analytical and interpersonal skills, and a strong executive presence

To Apply

Interested candidate can apply for the Chief Scientific Officer position, please send the following documents, with a clear reference to the job number listed above & to the following email address: jobs@​tigs.​res.​in

  • Cover letter with CV, email ID, phone number and contact details of 3 referees 
  • A statement of purpose explaining the salient aspects of your background that are relevant to the position (one-page max)

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