Junior Research Fellow

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Applications are invited for the post of JRF at The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU)


● Extraction of natural compounds 

● Experience in Chromatographic techniques like HPLC, GCMS and LCMS 

● Molecular and biochemical techniques 

In vitro and In vivo Bioassays 

● Cell based assays 

Job Responsibilities

● Sample collection, isolation of chemical constituents from monofloral and multifloral honey using different chemical solvents 

● Metabolome analysis using analytical tools like HPLC, LC- MS/MS etc. 

● Short listing of the Honey mediated formulations in the use 

In vitro assay using intestinal cell lines 

● Differential gene expressions

● DNA repair and longevity


3 years


As per TDU norms.


M.Sc/ /​Organic Chemistry/​Analytical chemistry/​Biochemistry

To Apply

Interested candidates to apply on line in the prescribed CV format with advertisement number to: hr@​tdu.​edu.​in and copy to mohan.​kumar@​tdu.​edu.​in on or before 15.03.2019 (Friday)

Requirement: Immediately. Selected candidate can be allowed for PhD

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