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 West Bengal, India


Sex-difference in the genetic architecture of human complex diseases


Sex difference are widespread in the onset, prevalence, or expression of human complex disorders. Human height differs between the sexes as does BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, etc. Incidences of cardiovascular and autism spectrum disorder are more common among men, while disorders like schizophrenia etc., have an earlier onset in males compared to females. But males and females share almost their entire genomes despite their difference. Such differences can arise either due to the underlying genetic architecture or due to difference in environmental factors. In this project, they are interested in the difference between the sexes that can be attributed to genetics. Particularly, the following questions would be addressed –What is the extent of the difference in genetic architecture between the sexes? What contributes to this difference despite the shared genomes? Is this difference between the sexes trait-specific? And most importantly, how did sexual dimorphism evolve? These questions will be addressed using publicly available summary data and the UK Biobank. They are using i) multivariate quantitative genetic methods, ii) statistical and computational tools to analyse our data. 

NIBMG is looking for a project associate (biologist/non-biologist) who has a quantitative bend of mind, interested in statistics and programming, or has outstanding knowledge of genetics. If you want to unravel the secrets of sexual dimorphism in the genetic architecture of humans and are open to learn quantitative methods and tools, then we encourage you to apply. 

Data wrangling of summary data as well as genotyped data from UK Biobank. Statistical analysis of individual level genotype data as well as GWAS summary statistics. Data interpretation and writing up results. Assisting PI in bioinformatic and statistical analysis.

Age limit: The age limit is 35 years as on the last date of application


The position is for 1 year, which may be extended depending upon performance.


(i) 31,000/- + 24% HRA to scholars who are selected through 

(a) National Eligibility Tests – CSIRUGC NET including lectureship (Assistant Professorship) or GATE or

(b) A selection process through National level examinations conducted by Central Government Departments and their Agencies and Institutions.

(ii) 25,000/- + 24% HRA for others who do not fall under (i) above


  • Masters in any branch of Biology/​Statistics/​Bioinformatics/​Biotechnology/​Computer Science.
  • Basic knowledge in R programming/​Linux


  • Basic knowledge in genetics and genome wide association studies (GWAS)
  • Hands on experience in GWAS, DNA sequence data analysis and familiarisation with necessary bioinformatic tools like PLINK etc.

To Apply

Please send a detailed CV with other relevant documents to ac4@​nibmg.​ac.​in (no other form of application will be accepted)

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