Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Fellow

 Hyderabad, Telangana


UK-MRC funded project to work in the area of host pathogen interactions and antimicrobial resistance. This is a collaborative project between UK and India. The project is initially for two years and has the possibility of extension in the third year.


The laboratory works on innate immune response and host pathogen interactions in microbial keratitis (corneal infection). For last few years our laboratory is working on role of antimicrobial peptides to combat pathogens and both the projects involve identification of antimicrobial peptides expressed in patients, deciphering the mechanism of action of various novel peptides, and cell signaling pathways activated by these peptides. The project includes various cell biology and immunology techniques like cell culture, real time PCR, confocal microscopy to name a few.


2 years


PhD in any branch of Life Science (for Postdoc) and M.Sc. in any field of biology (for project fellow)

To Apply

Please send your CV to sanhita@​lvpei.​org

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