Laboratory Manager

 Pune, Maharashtra


Application are invited for the post of Laboratory Manager at KEM Hospital and Research Centre, 489, Sardar Mudaliar Rd, Rasta Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411011, India.

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Fixed term post, maximum 6 months, start date 1st February 2021 (mandatory).


Educated to an undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification (preferred) in life sciences/​biochemistry with substantial laboratory work experience.

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  1. Basic computer literacy is MUST to be able to participate in online meetings and maintain data records of all laboratory investigations. 
  2. Experience in coordinating a small laboratory team and also knowledge in laboratory management is necessary.
  3. Experience of managing laboratory materials, sourcing, storing and supervision.

To Apply

Interested Candidate can share your detailed CV (maximum 3 pages permitted), with a cover letter (maximum 2 pages permitted).

  • Cover letter should evidence your existing skills to perform listed main duties and
    responsibilities along with stating how you meet all listed candidate details.
  • All documents should be in font size 11, Arial font. Application could be submitted in English or
    Marathi. Please include your contact details in the CV (email and phone number). 

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