Project Scientist I

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Applications are invited for the post of Project Scientist I to work on exciting projects related to understanding the mechanisms of virus inhibition pertaining to vaccine responses and small molecule inhibitors.

Job description:

  • Perform hands-on laboratory work, independently or together with colleagues.
  • Responsible for carrying out as well as supervising laboratory tests such as virus neutralization, virus titre determination, and RT-PCR to produce reliable and reproducible data.
  • Given the nature work, need to work with care with infectious agents and following appropriate biosafety regulatory guidelines.
  • Ensuring availability of all paper and electronic records etc. Submitting weekly reports to one’s reporting authority.
  • Design, validate, document and troubleshoot laboratory experiments.
  • Responsible for analyzing and interpreting data using appropriate statistical methods.
  • Keep updating on the virology of SARS-CoV‑2 especially the evolution of the newer strains.
  • Maintaining strict adherence to timeliness / punctuality scheduled in advance.
  • Provide timely and professional reports to clients


₹ 56,000 + 24% HRA


Doctoral Degree in Science or Master Degree in Engineering and Technology from a recognized University or equivalent.

Desirable Qualification

PhD in biological sciences, preferably infection biology.


Desirable Qualification

  • Prior experience in infectious disease, either virology or immunology experience in working with pathogenic micro-organisms (BSL‑2, BSL‑3) is highly desirable.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication required with exceptional organizational skills.
  • Knowledge in use of personal computers and its applications.

To Apply

Interested applicants should apply online in the portal. The following documents should be uploaded along with the application as a single PDF:

  1. CV (with the names and contact details of at least two scientific referees)
  2. Cover letter and a statement of research interest (~400 words).

Any issues while applying may be addressed to estt@​instem.​res.​in

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an online interview which may comprise multiple rounds to assess the candidate’s fit for the position.

Note: No selection will be made if suitable candidates are not identified.

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