Junior Research Fellow 

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Drug repurposing hyper-layer: Scalable multi-paradigm omics-enabled drug repositioning (computational) workbench


There is an opening for a JRF for a DBT funded project to develop data centric approaches to drug repurposing. The candidate must have firm programming experience and a high degree of motivation to conduct research. She/​he will work in a multi-disciplinary area and work on integrating, analysing and building UIs for large data sets from x‑omic, compound and other bioinformatics datasets. The candidate will be given an opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. degree in the Computer Science department, as she/​he parallelly works on cutting edge research to solve problems in life sciences using machine learning/​data analytics.


Three years


  • 1st& 2nd year: 3.9 lakh/​year [renewal based on annual appraisals]
  • 3rd year: Will be considered for SRF position at a salary of 4.36 lakh/​year [subject to annual performance review]


This is a DBT funded project, hence all pre-requisite eligibility criteria as per DST guidelines have to be met. This implies all applicants should have a minimum of Masters’ level degree (M.Tech/ M.S., similar) and must be NET qualified.

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

  1. BTech (Computer Science preferred, or other with above-average programming skills)
  2. Proficiency in at least one language like Java, C++ or Python (multiple preferred) and RDBMS (MySQL,..)
  3. Experience in R, UI development, HADOOP stack will be considered a plus
  4. Any formal study/​training in biology/​life sciences or bioinformatics or cheminformatics, will be given preference. 
  5. Co-authors of peer reviewed journal articles (with IF >2.0) are preferred

To Apply

Send cover letter & resume to Dr. Prashanth Athri’s e‑mail: a_​prashanth@​blr.​amrita.​edu OR prashanth.​athri@​gmail.​com

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