Scientist, Cyanobacterial Synthetic Biology

 Haryana, India


  • Design and execution of strategies for the production of various proteins via synthetic biology routes.
  • Work with laboratory strains of Escherichia coli, and various cyanobacterial species/​strains etc using aseptic techniques for culturing, maintenance and transformation.
  • Perform advance molecular biology techniques like genome editing, assembling, recombinant knockouts and transcriptome analysis.
  • Perform CRISPR genome editing for improved phenotype for heterologous production of
    recombinant molecules.
  • Design, implement, and characterize novel gene constructs.
  • Metabolic engineering of recombinant strains and analyse flux.
  • Carry out scale up studies for recombinant strains for yield.
  • Drive process improvements
  • Maintain all equipment, data and records as per specifications


Ph.D. in molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, synthetic biology or related field. 


  • 2 – 5 years of postdoctoral experience in academic, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology industry settings working on different recombinant platforms for the production of novel molecules like flavours and fragrances. 
  • Experience in handling different cyanobacteria including Nostoc, Synechocystis, Synechococcus, punctiforme etc and performing metabolic and genome engineering will be preferred. 
  • Experience with cyanobacterial gene regulation, transformation- bi/​tri parental mating, generation of gene knockouts but not limited to isolation, culture and harvesting of filamentous or nonfilaments environmental samples. 
  • Experienced in working with metabolic pathways tools. 
  • Strong grasp of fundamental molecular biology techniques is essential. 
  • Exposure of gene circuit design, cell engineering, strain development, is highly desirable.

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