PhD Admissions

 Hyderabad, Telangana


The Centre for Life Sciences, Mahindra University (https://​mahin​drau​ni​ver​si​ty​.edu… science/​) is accepting applications for its fully funded PhD program in: Host-Pathogen Interactions, Immuno-technology, Metabolic Engineering, Genetic Disorders, Cancer Biology, Stem Cell Technology, Gene Therapy, Bioprocess Technology, Biosensors, Nanomedicine, Antimicrobial Resistance, Systems Biology, Computational Genomics, Computer-Aided Drug Discovery, Clinical Informatics.


Rs. 30,000 per month plus free lodging and boarding on the campus.


Masters (or 4‑Year Bachelor degree) in any field of Life Sciences/​Biology/​Biotechnology/​Nanobiotechnology/​Biomedical Sc or Eng/​Biophysics/​Biochemistry/​Bioinformatics, etc.

To Apply

Please send the completed form and CV to phdadmissions@​mahindrauniversity.​edu.​in

Application procedure: link

Application form: link

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