Data/​Research Assistant

 Pune, Maharashtra


Application are invited for the post of Data/​Research Assistant at KEM Hospital and Research Centre, 489, Sardar Mudaliar Rd, Rasta Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411011, India.

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Fixed term post, maximum 6 months, start date 1st February 2021 (mandatory).


Educated to an undergraduate degree as a minimum requirement, or postgraduate qualification (preferred).

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  • Experience of using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc) and laptop/​computer system is necessary.
  • Former experience in research project or data entry work is desirable, but newly qualified candidates with high level of computer and language literacy are welcome to apply. 
  • Basic awareness about research data confidentiality and ethics is desirable. Necessary trainings will be provided. 

To Apply

Interested Candidate can share your detailed CV (maximum 3 pages permitted), with a cover letter (maximum 2 pages permitted).

• Cover letter should evidence your existing skills to perform listed main duties and responsibilities along with stating how you meet all listed candidate details.
• All documents should be in font size 11, Arial font (for application in English). Please include your contact details in the CV (email and phone number).
• You can submit your application in Marathi language as well.

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