Senior Research Scientist

 Faridabad, Haryana


Development of Microbiome-based therapeutic products for commercialization purposes


Jivanu is looking for a Principal or Senior Research Scientist to lead and work in their pre-clinical R&D program focused on synthetic biology for engineering bacteria and microbiology for building bacterial consortia for therapeutic purposes. This person will be responsible for building a systematic R&D effort for the company while working with their US-based scientist founders and India-based scientific and clinical teams. This position provides an exciting opportunity to be involved in overall strategy and execution of the early growth phase of a biotech company. Exact position title and renumeration will be dependent upon the education and experience of the candidate. Position also provides excellent opportunities for personal growth along with the company’s growth. 

  • Contribute to the company’s R&D strategy. 
  • Designing specific microbiota products for difficult-to-cure diseases. 
  • Performing hands-on research. 
  • Leading and managing a research team. 
  • Data analysis and interpretation. 
  • Manuscript, patent or report writing. 
  • Disseminating the research as publications/​patents.
  • Working seamlessly with various stakeholders. 

Location: Faridabad/​NCR (National Capital Region)


Ph. D. degree in Bioengineering/​Biotechnology/​Microbiology or any relevant life sciences discipline. Post-doctoral and/​or industry experience in the USA or Europe is highly desirable



  • Deep knowledge of gut microbiome, synthetic biology, molecular and microbiology. 
  • Development, design, and control of engineered bacteria through recombinant DNA technology. 
  • Experience in building bacterial consortia from fecal material or other sources. 
  • Strong publication record. 
  • Strong knowledge of laboratory procedures, protocols, and regulations. 
  • Excellent attention-to-detail and ability to maintain accurate record. 
  • Exceptional problem solving and critical thinking skills. 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills. 
  • Experience with automated laboratory equipment and computerized systems. 
  • Working in a multi-disciplinary team. 
  • Mentoring and leadership experience. 
  • Strong command of oral and written English. 
  • Experience in a start-up environment. 

To Apply

Interested candidates can send your resume to subra.​srikant@​jivanutx.​com

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