Research Scientist – Grant Writer

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


This job involves applying for various grants and awards applications on behalf of the organization. The scope of these applications is broad in terms of length and complexity. The candidate will have to find the requirements for a grant application, prepare all the documents (scientific/non-scientific), collect the information that is needed for an application from multiple parties and collaborators, submit the applications, and following up on them.


Salary commensurate with experience


PhD degree (life sciences/​pharma/​biology) or Master’s degree (life sciences/​pharma/​biology) with proven track record in scientific/​nonscientific writing

To Apply

Roles and Responsibilities:
- Prepare and submit grant awards and applications
- Keep a track of applied applications
- Find out new funding opportunities
- Prepare other scientific reports

Other Information
- Candidate must be a citizen of India
- Salary commensurate with experience

Technical Skills required
- English writing
- Read and understand scientific literature (life sciences, pharma, biology)
- Converting concepts and ideas into well referenced documents

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