Facility Trainees

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Application are invited for the post of Facility Trainees at C‑CAMP Drosophila Facility, Bangalore. 

The job responsibilities for the position include 

  1. Molecular and phenotype-based screening of mutant and transgenic Drosophila stocks. 
  2. Molecular cloning of vectors and plasmids for Drosophila transgenesis. 
  3. Maintenance of Drosophila stocks 
  4. Generation of transgenic flies 
  5. Fly husbandry and genetics.

Number of Positions: Two (2)


The candidate is expected to have B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Life sciences. 


Experience with molecular biology (PCR, cloning, electrophoresis etc) are required. 

A basic knowledge of Genetics is required. An exposure or experience with Drosophila melanogaster as a model system is preferable although not mandatory. It is essential that a candidate is a well-organized individual with excellent communication and multi-tasking skills. He /​She should have good analytical skills, and willing to work independently and in a team.

To Apply

Interested candidates may please apply in the following manner.

a) Cover letter clearly indicating your short and long-term goals and what attracts you to this position. This should also highlight your previous relevant experience

b) Updated resume

Please ensure to make one PDF file of the above and name your file as Your Name-Position Applied-Date” and send it to hr@​CCAMP.​res.​in to ensure that resume and cover letter do not separate.

Incomplete applications without cover letter/​resume will not be entertained.

This is a contractual position till 31 March 2024. Further extension will be based on the performance evolution. 

  1. Remuneration is based on qualification and experience. 
  2. Last date for submission of application is 7th June 2023.

Please refer to this advertisement in your subject liner. Candidates whose profile matches our requirement will be contacted directly; there shall be no communication otherwise

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