Project assistant / Technician position

 Haryana, India


The individual hired for this project will work on upcoming human immunology related projects. The position involves performing experimental (wet lab) work and data analysis but several lab-related tasks will be associated with this role. The assistant will have the opportunity to learn various technical aspects of immunology, work in an inclusive environment and gain a broad perspective on academic research. The work will involve handling human blood and tissue samples so it requires rigor and following biosafety rules. Work hours need to be flexible and sometimes will involve long days.


The appointment will be made for a period of 6 months with potential for renewal. 


Salary scale would be Rs. 20,000 per month + HRA.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biological sciences from a UGC approved university. 
  • Candidates with above average grades in practical exams are preferred.


Basic lab techniques such as making buffers, pipetting, calculations for buffer compositions, ability to write and follow experimental protocols, using spreadsheets for data organization, analysis and graphical representation. Methodical lab notes and record keeping skills are a must.

To Apply

Prepare a complete CV (including academic record and at least two references with their contact emails and phone numbers) and a cover letter no more than a total of 800 words describing your expectations from this position and your career goals in the near future. Email application to rama.​akondy@​ashoka.​edu.​in.

  • Please attach CV and cover letter are in two separate PDF files.
  • Please use this exact text in the email subject line Application for project assistant”. Emails without this can be missed.

For more details check here.

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