Research Associate/​Scientist

 Haryana, India


Join the BioCare team to understand the secrets of life by unraveling genetic codes.

Harness the power of genetic engineering as you dive headfirst into the exciting world of recombinant DNA technology. Manipulate genetic circuits to create novel designs that unlock unprecedented potential in various applications.

Strain and Metabolic Engineering: fine-tune microorganisms, optimizing their genetic makeup and metabolic pathways for sustainable products.

Protein Expression and Purification: playing a pivotal role in developing techniques to produce high-quality proteins with exceptional purity and yield.

Cutting edge Gene Editing tools: Using CRISPR based tools for precise manipulation of genetic material


Experience in performing Molecular biology techniques; Recombinant DNA technology; Exposure to strain & metabolic engineering; Protein Expression & purification.

2 to 10 years

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