IGNITE Episode 5

Ignite Life Science Foundation, Cactus Communications, and IndiaBioscience have come together to co-host this live online event. In a relaxed and conversational format, the interlocutor for each session will uncover the background story of the work and life of an eminent scientist. This will not only afford students, young scientists, and the science-curious in India a first-hand/ringside view of what it takes to become successful in science but also give them an opportunity to direct questions to the invited scientist. This is a platform for students, young Indian scientists, and the science-curious to connect with the stories behind the work of eminent scientists, in preparation for their own journey in science.

This series of online live events will explore the lives and work of scientists in an informal chat session. This is the fifth in the series.

Prabhavathi Fernandes, Chairperson, National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), US, and Chairperson, Scientific Advisory Committee of the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP)

Swami Subramaniam, Ignite Life Science Foundation, India

Date: 21st of October 2022
Time: 16:30 — 17.45 IST | 7:00 — 8:15 EST

Cactus Communications, Ignite Life Science Foundation, IndiaBioscience


00:00:00 Welcome and Introduction

00:03:36 Going to Vellore and becoming a microbiologist

00:08:10 Going to the US

00:11:53 What drives you to work

00:20:10 Research work 

00:23:25 Leaving a corporate job

00:34:14 Experience in the investment industry

00:39:20 Coming back to India

00:40:50 Work-life balance

00:49:40 Misuse of antibiotics

00:57:06 Startup for scientists in India

01:08:43 Questions