Genomics Analysis & Technology Conference, 2024: Co-organised by ICGEB, New-Delhi

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GATC is one of the few platforms in India where high throughput genomics is routinely addressed to academia, clinics and industry with support from partner research institutes and hospitals. GATC brings together academia, clinicians, industry professionals, start-ups and policy makers in creating an ecosystem of mutual support and exploration in advancing research & development in this dynamically expanding field of specialization.

The 5th Edition of GATC is all set to explore the possibilities and future of clinical genomics, especially in the Indian purview. GATC will see a 4 days of extensive hands-on-dry workshop on omics analysis along with scientific talks, multiple round-table sessions and fostering a clinician-academician-industry-startup partnership and harmony. Our diverse speakers from National and International Universities will be delivering expository lectures on topics including Cancer Genomics & Precision Medicine, therapeutics etc. A pre-conference summit will be held on the 12th of April along with a Networking Dinner and we will be closing this chapter of GATC on the 14th of April on a high note.

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