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The landscape of Indian science has been expanding at an accelerated pace. It is therefore advisable to match the pace while providing opportunities for growth of senior scientists, even beyond superannuation too. In the absence of these opportunities, eminent academicians and performing senior scientists, at times face challenges to continue research. These scientists possess great amount of knowledge and more importantly the experience that they have accumulated over many years, a non-replaceable treasure that can be lost if avenues are not made available to them. These elites have an excellent track record as evidenced by their election to the prestigious Science and Engineering Academics as well as high impact publications, patents and recognition. Although, there is currently no systematic data regarding the highly knowledgable retirees productivity all over the world, a survey conducted in 2014 revealed that out of the superannuated medical professors from 20 countries, many continued teaching and more than 40% had published research papers and / or books of repute.There are a few chairs/​professorships available in the country instituted by various ministries / departments/​academies with public funds. Considering the limited number of such opportunities, SERB has been catering to one such scheme — National Science Chair (NSC).


The main aim of the scheme is to recognise active eminent senior resident Indian superannuated scientists for their outstanding contributions both nationally and internationally, in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Medicine, to promote excellence and growth in R&D.

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To Apply

For successful online submission of the application the following points may be noted: 

  • Nominee need to register in SERB online portal, www​.ser​bon​line​.in click here to register
  • After log-in, Nominee need to fill all the mandatory fields in Nominee Details section under User Profile which includes Photo, Institution, Address, etc.
  • Under Form Submission, choose Scheme: National Science Chair, and fill the National Science Chair nomination form which includes details of Nominee Details, Qualification Details, Employment Details, Professional Recognition/​Fellowship, Scientific Research Index, Publication Details, Patent Details, Upload Documents, Nominator Details and Other Information etc.
  • Proposed area of research and brief outline of proposal of Nominee to be uploaded in single PDF file not more than 5 pages. 
  • After filling the details, Nominee should click on Send to Nominator”.
  • Nominator would receive intimation via email with a link to SERB online portal, to view the filled-in National Science Chair Nomination form.
  • Nominator can choose to submit the nomination to SERB or resend the form to Nominee for any revision.
  • Once submitted, Nominee and Nominator will receive intimation regarding successful submission.

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