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DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance


EMBO and the DBT/​Wellcome Trust India Alliance (referred to as India Alliance’) jointly fund up to six lecture courses per year in India. The aim of a lecture course is to teach participants, primarily PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The course should provide participants with background and underlying concepts, thereby making the topic accessible to scientists with diverse scientific background.

An India | EMBO Lecture Course should consist of:

  • Scientific lectures by experts: preferably the speakers give a more general overview lecture as well as a more specific research lecture
  • Poster sessions and student presentations
  • Additional sessions covering e.g.:
    • Technologies relevant to the research
    • Journal clubs
    • Reviewing of manuscripts
    • Career options
    • Responsible conduct of research
    • Information on where, when and how to apply for post-doc positions and fellowships

India | EMBO Lecture Courses may also include practical training.

Organizers are encouraged to consider covering scientific writing, job applications, presentation skills or grant application writing. If additional trainers need to be hired, EMBO and India Alliance funds can be used. Please specify your request in the application.

Attendance of these events should not exceed 120 participants and the ratio of speakers to participants should be around 1:5. India | EMBO Lecture Courses have to take place in India and last between three and ten days to provide sufficient time for discussion groups, poster sessions and journal clubs.


Applications must meet the following criteria to be accepted:

  • Applications for lecture courses must cover a topic from the life sciences.
  • Scientists from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply, independent of their nationality.

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To Apply

Applications to organize an India | EMBO Lecture Course are accepted via the EMBO online application system. Application deadlines are 1 March and 1 August. Selections for funding are made by the EMBO Course Committee in April/​May and in September/​October.

Organizers are advised to apply as early as possible in the calendar year preceding the proposed date of the lecture course. Applications to fund events in the same calendar year will not be considered.

Applicants are asked to complete an online application form and an offline application form.

Applicants will be asked to provide:

  • An abstract describing the themes and objectives of the meeting
  • Subject areas and keywords
  • List of the organizers, specifying their role, e.g. main organizer, co-organizer, administrative or financial contact
  • Proposed title and topic of the meeting
  • Reasons for holding a meeting on the proposed topic
  • Information on any competing or similar meetings held in the past, current, or following year
  • Proposed date and location of the meeting
  • Selection criteria for participation and number of participants
  • Description of the networking activities
  • List of proposed speakers/​instructors
  • Draft programme
  • Draft budget.

For detailed information on the application process, key dates, format of the meeting and required documentation, please consult the application guidelines.

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