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Mahima Joshi is a postgraduate in Zoology. She is deeply passionate about Biological Sciences, and art. She has always searched for ways to relate the two together. The drive behind making illustrations stems from her fascination with how everything works in biological systems. She hopes to contribute more to the scientific community through her artwork and illustrations.

The illustrations here include :

1) Precision Medicine: Precision Medicine aims at providing high-quality, targeted medical care to the patients keeping in mind the genetics, environment, and lifestyle of a person.

2) Viral Voyage: It's an illustration to explain Zoonotic Diseases, the ones that transfer from animal host to human host. As the recent Coronavirus pandemic is a result of Zoonotic disease, this is Mahima's attempt to explain it in a fun way.

3) Sea Shanty: A plea from the oceanic creatures to humans to stop exploiting them. A message to save and preserve the species that thrive in deep oceans and seas.