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Communicating science effectively is equally important as doing science research. Science theatre is an effective medium of communicating science as it involves knowledge spread with entertainment. The aim of the workshop is to provide basic training in theatrical science.

Shweta Kulkarni is Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS), she is pursuing her bachelors in Astronomy from University of Central Lancashire. She is very passionate about Astronomy and has dedicated her life to Astronomy. She is CEO at AstronEra’ which works primarily for the spread of knowledge of Astronomy among the public to make their own contribution as far as possible. It has been actively working on the propagation of Astronomy in purely scientific temperament. 

She conducts lots of Astronomy programs ranging from Telescope through the moon’ to Stargazing’. She produces online courses in Astronomy to make Astronomy more interesting in audio-visual format. She is an artistic person who creates and conducts science theatres. Her theatrical performance’ Einstein’ with her team was phenomenal during Bangalore edition release of Astronera’.

In this workshop, she will perform a theatrical science performance and she will run through the important aspects of creating a drama by keeping the authenticity of the scientific part.

Are you interested in science and drama? Register yourself for this workshop: learn and enjoy at the same time!

Accommodation and food during the entire duration of the workshop will be provided. Travelling allowance is not included.

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