India|EMBO Symposium Regulatory epigenomics: From large data to useful models

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Understanding the functioning of genome-wide regulatory networks that control cell identity and cell fate decisions remains one of the key challenges in molecular biology. With the advent of various NGS methodologies for quantitatively characterizing the internal states of cells genome-wide, many large-scale epigenomic datasets have become available in recent years, and there is an urgent need for developing new computational analysis methods for integrating such data into predictive models of regulatory networks. The main objective of this EMBO India Symposium is to bring together a collection of top international and Indian researchers from interdisciplinary backgrounds that are leaders in this field, to discuss the key current biological and methodological questions, to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations with Indian researchers from quantitative backgrounds, and to inspire young Indian researchers and students to enter this field and pioneer new methods. This EMBO India Symposium will focus on all aspects of gene regulatory dynamics from analysis of regulatory sequence motifs, transcription factor-DNA interaction, local chromatin dynamics and epigenetic modifications, RNA dynamics at the level of transcription and post-transcriptional processing, to 3D dynamics of chromatin and the resulting gene regulatory dynamics on daily and development time scales. 

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