National Conference on Recent Advances in Biomaterials for Medical Applications

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Centre for Drug Discovery and Development, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology is organising the National conference on Recent Advances in Biomaterials for Medical Applications on 28 – 29, February 2024. Biomaterial science covers modules of materials science, chemistry, biology, medicine, and tissue engineering. Biomaterials may be natural or synthetic and are used in medical applications to support, enhance, or replace damaged tissue or a biological function. Polymers: chitosan, hyaluronic acid, and silk fibroin are examples of naturally derived polymers utilized extensively in biomaterial applications (e.g., wound management, implant development, drug delivery, and significantly in tissue engineering) owing to their biocompatibility. Associated properties include; non-antigenicity, non-toxicity, and amenability in terms of chemical and physical properties. It is therefore no surprise as to why there is on-going research into these polymers as biomaterials for bioengineering applications. During the conferences will delivering talk from renowned experts in the various field of biomaterial (Medical and nonmedical- biological sciences) that the provide the vast knowledge about the Biomaterial to the upcoming students and Research scholar and young researcher. Leading academics and researchers from prestigious institutions will shed light on the potential of nanomaterials and their significant benefit to a range of healthcare industries.

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