Hands on Training on Preclinical Drug Discovery

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The In vitro Preclinical Drug Discovery workshop will provide advanced training on drug discovery and identification of a lead/​hit molecules.

The participants will have one to one hands on experience on different aspects of preclinical drug discovery including animal cell culture, cytotoxicity/​viability assays, apoptosis assays, cell cycle analysis etc. It enables the participants to plan, carryout preclinical drug discovery, interpret and present the data.

The participants will learn about:

  • Basics of Drug Discovery – Target identification & validation
  • Introduction to Molecular Modelling ‑CADD & SBDD
  • Fundamentals of Animal Cell Culture
  • Cytotoxicity assays & inhibitory concentration 50 (IC50)
  • Instrument operation and setup for acquisition and analysis of flow cytometer
  • Data analysis, statistics, interpretation and data presentation

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