5th Asia Pacific Drosophila Research Conference (APDRC5) and Indian Drosophila Research Conference

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The Asia Pacific Drosophila Research Conferences (APDRC) are biennial events that aim to promote the interaction of Drosophila Researchers in the Asia-Pacific region with their peers in the rest of the world. The fliers of the last four APDRCs below give a glimpse of these meetings. 

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Girish Ratnaparkhi
Girish Deshpande
LS Shashidhara
Richa Rikhy
Sutirth Dey


  • Gametogenesis and Stem Cells 
  • Pattern Formation 
  • Morphogenesis and Mechanobiology 
  • Hormones and Physiology 
  • Cellular Neurobiology 
  • Behavioural Neurobiology 
  • Infection and Immunity 
  • Ecology and Evolution 

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