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Dealing with pandemic anxiety

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious when trying to deal with the enormity of the present crisis. Here are some strategies that can help us regulate our anxiety levels and cope with the rapidly changing situation.

Dealingwith Pandemic Anxiety
Design: Aditi Mishra; Content: Shreya Ghosh and Sathya Srinivasachari

Take a break from the news and social media

Constant updates can cause stress, anxiety and fear. Instead, check a few trusted sources once or twice daily.

Plan for things that you can control

Educate your family and yourself about preventive measures, buy appropriate supplies, and prepare your household.

Learn simple relaxation techniques

Practice simple meditation and relaxation techniques like deep breathing to help you stay calm, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Reach out and connect with others

Sharing your fears can help alleviate your anxieties. Stay connected with your family and friends while following physical distancing protocols.

Make time for other interests

Don’t let the pandemic become the topic of every conversation. Allow yourself to disengage every once in a while.


Design: Aditi Mishra (@alien_nxt_door on Twitter)

Content: Shreya Ghosh and Sathya Srinivasachari