Ph.D. Programme

 Mumbai, Maharashtra


TIFR is looking for enthusiastic people with

  • interest in science and mathematics education
  • flair for teaching and writing
  • curiosity about how students learn
  • critical and analytical skills
  • commitment to improve education

Science and mathematics teachers and educators are also encouraged to apply. For part of the programme, teachers and educators can undertake research while stationed at their parent institutions. However, they would have to spend a minimum of two years in person at HBCSE.

  • Teaching and learning of science and mathematics from primary to undergraduate level
  • Innovative curricula and assessment methods, experimental problem-solving in science
  • Development of scientific and mathematical thinking in students at school and college level
  • Design and Technology in the curriculum at school level
  • Socio-cultural and gender factors in the STEM learning process and learning environment
  • Science of learning and new computational media
  • Discipline-based education research in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, astronomy, and environmental science education
  • Studies of linkages between science, technology, and society, including environmental and public health issues.


Admissions are made initially for a year and are renewed every year up to a maximum of five years (subject to meeting academic requirements).


Scholarships (As per DAE norms)

  • Currently ₹35000/- per month post-registration
  • Additionally, HRA (as per government guidelines) in lieu of on-campus institute accommodation
  • Annual grant of ₹40000/- for research related expenses


Master’s degree in any subject with an undergraduate degree in any field (with at least 5 years of study including an undergraduate degree).

To Apply

Interested candidates can apply online and for more information about admission please visit For information about the HBCSE PhD Programme in Science Education” please visit: https://​www​.hbcse​.tifr​.res​.in/​a​c​a​d​e​m​i​c​/​g​r​a​d​u​a​t​e​-​s​chool

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