Biology Laboratory Technician

 Andhra pradesh, India


Krea University is hiring a technician for the teaching laboratory of its recently launched undergraduate programme in the Biological Sciences. The biology laboratory technician will support the laboratory manager and other faculty associated with the Biological Sciences to develop and run the laboratory for undergraduate teaching and research. The selected candidate will also be responsible for all activities related to the preparedness for and smooth functioning of all aspects of the laboratory. practical’s, including timely, safe and efficient setting-up practical’s, maintenance, and documentation for undergraduate teaching and duate research associated with the laboratory. Key duties of the position include:

  1. Reporting to the biology laboratory manager and working closely with faculty to fulfill all tasks related to the position in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the laboratory space, equipment, and supplies.
  3. Regularly creating, maintaining and updating documentation related to the laboratory including MSDS documents, laboratory protocols, safety protocols, inventory, accounting, and procurement.
  4. Working with designated faculty to implement practical’s, including field-based practical’s.
  5. Planning and preparing the laboratory for practical’s.
  6. Assisting in teaching practical’s under the guidance of faculty instructors.
  7. Working with suppliers, marketeers, and departments within the university for handling procedures related to procurement, maintenance, expenses, and replacements.
  8. Providing training for safe and proper use of equipment and materials housed in the laboratory.

Providing support for all additional tasks related to the development and running of the laboratory that may arise from time to time.


As per Institution standard


Master’s in Biological Sciences/​Life Sciences or equivalent.


Minimum one-year work experience as a technician or manager in undergraduate biology in the last 5 years. Candidates with more years of experience will be preferred

To Apply

Skills Required: Strong planning skills, time-management skills, skills for handling laboratory equipment, technology and material standard to undergraduate biology laboratories, documentation skills

Others Requirements: Should be willing to reside full-time on the university’s campus in Sri City, AP.

Should be willing to support online instruction of practical’s associated with the laboratory in the absence of physical classes on campus.

Interested candidates can send the email to careers@​krea.​edu.​in

For more details please visit https://​krea​.edu​.in/​c​a​r​eers/

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