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 Gujarat, India


Applicants interested to work in this domain and applying for DBT-RA postdoctoral position is encouraged to reach out to us. Interested candidates are to apply through the DBT Online portal.

They are an experimental group, focusing on developing micro-nanoengineered functional surfaces. Antibacterial surfaces are surfaces that can resist bacteria, relying on the nature of the material itself. It is significant for safe food and water, human health, and industrial equipment. Biofilm is the main form of bacterial contamination on the material surface. Preventing the formation of biofilm is an efficient way to develop antibacterial surfaces. The strategy for constructing the antibacterial surface is divided into bacteria repelling and bacteria killing based on the formation of the biofilm. Material surface wettability, adhesion, and steric hindrance determine bacteria repelling performance. Bacteria should be killed by surface chemistry or physical structures when they are attached to a material surface irreversibly. This project involves investigating the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of nanoengineered novel surfaces (superhydrophobic, liquid-infused surfaces, phase change material infused surfaces, etc.).


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To Apply

Interested Candidate can send the email to Soumyadip Sett, soumyadipsett@​iitgn.​ac.​in

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